Pomagaritas Cocktail – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

For all those celebrating Christmas, I want to wish you a very merry and safe Christmas with your loved ones and sending holiday cheer with a pomagritas cocktail. Hope Santa drops by with some cool stuff! Since I won’t see you until 2016 I also want to wish you all a very happy and healthy (and safe!)…

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Chocolate Peppermint Bark

I couldn’t be more last-minute with this being it’s Christmas week and now, only now, am I sharing this chocolate peppermint bark (!). Sigh. I know, I know… snail mail pace … but hey, the good news is this super fast & easy for your last-minute homemade gift giving. Yesss. Have you had those moments…

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Dark Chocolate Truffles

A possible, just maybe, Christmas week scenario: It’s Christmas week and you still have last minute gifts you need to give but you want to make them homemade because you don’t know what your dear ones would like or want because they are more of an acquaintance from work, or your hair dresser, or your…

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Grain Free Almond Joy Cookies

I heard about the 5th Annual Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap back in October, on a blog somewhere – I can’t remember – where bloggers are given three names to send each a dozen cookies and also receive cookies in exchange, all through the mail. This caught my interest for obvious reasons and the idea…

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Grain Free Pumpkin Butter Waffles with Maple Cinnamon Glaze

Even though we are all well past pumpkin, I’m boldly (gasp) reprising its role despite all the gingerbread and eggnog in the air.   My love of waffles is obvious – gingerbread, pumpkin spice, vanilla bacon, (posted so long ago using my iPhone 4 (yes, really) to which the photos don’t do any justice), and savory cornbread…

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Jelly Doughnuts

Coming from first-generation Russian Sephardic Jew immigrant family, we didn’t have homemade fried Israeli-style sufganiyot jelly doughnuts. Then again we weren’t a very traditional “Jewish-food” kind of family and ate more “Russian-food” (for lack of a better word) like plov (lamb and rice pilaf with carrots) and savory cabbage stuffed with ground beef instead of brisket…

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Chicken pot pie with Chanukah flair

Hope you got to spend some quality time with loved ones and enjoyed good eats on Thanksgiving as we did. It was just last week yet feels like it was eons ago, doesn’t it? We completely stuffed ourselves with roast turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, butternut squash puree with homemade marshmallow fluff topping, roasted root vegetables,…

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